Grow Your Company Culture

Connect your employees to your business goals, values and each other with Workplace’s smart, familiar features. Because businesses work better when everyone is on the same page. Read on to explore how to build a shared culture across your whole organization.

Talk (and listen) to your whole organization

Workplace gives you tools to do both. So it’s perfect for getting buy-in from everyone and building your organizational culture.

  • Share important info with your whole organization
  • Mark info as important so everyone sees it
  • Find out what employees think by running a poll

Connect your team to your goals and each other

Workplace gives everyone a voice and the tools to get it heard, so they can make real connections with their coworkers, whether they’re down the hall or across the globe.

  • Hold quick conversations in Workplace Chat
  • Make HD video calls at the touch of a button
  • Hold deeper conversations in Groups
  • Find the right person to speak to with Org Chart
  • Talk to anyone in any language with Auto-Translate
  • Express yourself with quick reactions and GIFs

Make everyone’s lives easier

Workplace connects with tools you're already using, such as G Suite, Office 365 and Dropbox. And it's like Facebook, but adapted for work. So anyone can start using it straight away.

  • Connect with over 50 popular enterprise tools
  • Familiar features make Workplace easy to adopt
  • Automate everyday tasks with bots
  • Build your own bots and integrations
  • Share files and photos in groups
  • Machine learning makes Workplace smarter and more relevant over time
  • Create groups with training resources for new starters